Industrial Powder Coating for Fabricators

Are you looking the best way to apply a high-quality, attractive finish for your fabricated metal products, parts or components? Powder coating can provide a long-lasting, affordable finish that will protect against corrosion, chipping, scratching, and wear and tear, while also enhancing the product’s aesthetic appeal. No wonder so many fabricators choose powder coating over liquid painting and other finishing and coating processes.

Benefits of Powder Coating for the Fabrication Industry

When it comes to metal fabrication, powder coating offers several important benefits, including:

  • Resiliency: Powder coating produces a tough, durable finish that typically lasts much longer than paint. The powder coating process creates strong surface adhesion, while also allowing for a small amount of flexing and bending without compromising coating integrity.
  • Efficient application: A powder coating can be applied with greater precision than paint, which produces a more even finish. There is also no need to wait for several coats to dry – the process generally requires the application of only one coat.
  • Affordability: From a cost perspective, the powder coating of fabricated metal parts is usually much less expensive than wet painting. In addition to the fewer steps involved, the powder material costs less than paint. It is also easier to purchase the specific amount of powder coating and raw materials on a per-project basis, which minimizes costly waste.
  • Multiple color options: Powder coating provides the flexibility to create a customized color result that meets your aesthetic requirements. It’s possible to create a unique powder blend in a wide assortment of beautiful colors. What’s more, powder coating allows for the development of various textures and shades – it’s easy to add wrinkles or to alter the brightness of the finish.
  • Enhanced quality: Unlike paint, a powder-coated finish will not drip or run. This improves the overall quality of the finish by enabling a smoother, more even application. This also reduces the need for additional sanding or buffing to correct application errors that can also increase the final project cost.
  • Easy to maintain: If you sell fabricated metal products, your customers will appreciate the ease of maintenance provided by powder coating. No special products are required for cleaning – a periodic wiping down of the product with soapy water is all that is needed to retain the coating’s protective ability and its attractive appearance. This will also prove invaluable in your efforts to improve customer satisfaction and retention.
  • Eco-friendly: Powder coatings and the powder-coating process are environmentally friendly. The coatings contain no potentially harmful chemicals or solvents, and the process produces few or no volatile organic compounds.

Powder Coating Works Well With Numerous Fabricated Metal Products

Powder coatings can protect and enhance the appearance of a wide variety of fabricated metal products. Examples include:

  • Metal fences and hand railings
  • Aluminum parts and components
  • Architectural metal products
  • Ornamental iron used to manufacture decorative outdoor structures
  • Outdoor enclosures
  • Windows and doors

Lane Coatings Can Produce a Superior Industrial Powder Coating for Fabricators

As a leading provider of powder coatings for the fabrication industry, Lane Coatings can deliver a cost-effective powder coating solution for your company. Our 65,000-square-foot Carlisle, Pennsylvania, facility is fully equipped to handle all types of metal fabrication powder coating projects. Our fast turnaround times will allow you to keep your manufacturing and fabricating projects on schedule. You can also trust our more than 30 years of specialized experience – unlike many other metal finishing companies, powder coating is the sole focus of our business.

Contact the professionals at Lane Coating to learn more about our metal fabrication powder coating capabilities and to receive a free project quote today.