Traffic Poles

Powder coated traffic poles can provide a more suitable alternative to liquid paint. Powder coating is extremely durable and is capable of withstanding even the most severe winter climates. Powder coating does not require the application of multiple layers, which can help keep upfront costs low. The lack of required maintenance can also result in substantial cost savings over time. From an environmental perspective, the powder coating process does not make use of potentially harmful chemical solvents or create any type of hazardous waste.

Powder Coated Traffic Poles from Lane Coatings

Lane Coatings has been providing cost-effective powder coating solutions for over three decades. Our projects have included traffic poles for street and highway signs, traffic lights and streetlights throughout the Northeast. In addition to offering superior protection against the destructive effects of rust and corrosion, the wide selection of colors can make our powder coated traffic poles aesthetically appealing as well as highly functional.

More Than 30 Years of Traffic and Roadwork Experience

Our extensive expertise in municipal infrastructure projects makes us the ideal partner for powder-coating traffic poles and other related items. We employ a proprietary coating process and advanced materials that deliver long-term value and protection. A range of finishing options ensures your project can meet any specific regulatory or engineering requirements it is subject to.

Whatever the job, we’ll customize our process to meet your needs. Contact a Lane Coatings representative to obtain a detailed quote.

Meet Your Deadlines With Lane Coatings

Municipal agencies have a responsibility to their constituents to make the best use of their tax dollars while keeping aging infrastructure safe and functional. When it’s time to replace a traffic pole, count on Lane Coatings to make the most of your budget.

Because our products consistently outperform conventional paint in long-term corrosion resistance, your dollar goes further with Lane Coatings. Thanks to our extensive Carlisle, Pennsylvania, facility, our team can quickly turn around jobs of any size – often within one week.

The Environmentally Friendly Choice

Your role as a government agency is to lead the way in terms of waste reduction and overall sustainability. Your choice of Lane Coatings for powder-coating traffic poles sends a signal that you are committed to working with responsible partners who are doing the right thing for the planet. Our powder coatings contain no heavy metals or carcinogens, and near-zero VOC-producing solvents. That translates to both peace of mind and a politically expedient marketing tool that shows your agency is doing the right thing.

View Samples of Powder Coated Traffic Pole Solutions

We invite you to take a closer look at our work by clicking on the photos you’ll find on this page. These poles, masts, arms and sign structures were coated with super durable TGIC Polyester that will provide superior protection against corrosion over time, while also blending in nicely with the surrounding landscape.

Contact Us for More Information

If you’d like to learn more about how our traffic pole powder coating process can be an affordable and effective solution for your municipality, contact Lane Coatings today. Discover the difference that more than three decades of powder coating experience can make!