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Who is Lane Powder Coating?

We are a division of Lane Enterprises, Inc. which operates 10 facilities in the Northeastern U.S. We started applying fusion-bonded epoxy powder to reinforcing bars in 1979. As our experience grew we expanded into powder coating of varied products. We specialize in powder coating large parts and large volumes of smaller parts.

What is industrial powder coating?

Powder coating is an alternative to liquid painting which utilizes powdered resins and heat to coat products.

What types of industrial powder coatings are available?

We typically apply epoxies, hybrids, TGIC polyesters, zinc-rich powder coating primers and liquid, organic zinc-rich primer coatings at our facility.

How long does the powder coating process take?

The time to coat varies from only seconds to about an hour. Lead times are typically less than one week, often less if needed.

What are the benefits of industrial powder coating?

Industrial powder coatings are very durable. They offer better impact resistance, flexibility, and chemical resistance. They do not use airborne solvents and are environmentally friendly. Parts are ready for shipment when removed from the coating line. They are available in almost any color.

Why is powder coating better than liquid painting?

Powder coating is significantly thicker—it’s four to ten times thicker than spray paint. Not only is it thicker, but it is also harder. Thanks to the pretreatment process, powder coat adheres to the substrate better than traditional wet paint options. Therefor, powder coating offers a greater scratch, chip and corrosion resistance.

Why is powder coating better than galvanizing?

Powder coating is more aesthetically-pleasing than galvanizing, thanks to the range of colors and sleek finishing options. Galvanizing also limits the size of the object that can be finished. In certain conditions, the zinc galvanizing can rapidly corrode.

What metals can be powder coated?

All metal objects can be powder coated. These include steel, titanium, brass, copper, magnesium, bronze, and aluminum.

Can you powder coat something other than metal?

There are powders developed for non-metallic substrates, however Lane does not participate in that market.

Are there different types of powder coating?

Polyester powders, epoxy powders, hybrid powders, zinc-rich powder coating primer, and organic, liquid zinc-rich primer.

What colors of powder coating are offered?

We offer a range of colors. Thanks to our customized approach to powder coating, we can match your project’s specific color needs. The RAL color system is used by most powder vendors and coaters. Check out our powder coating color options here!

What size items can be powder coated?

The two coating lines in our modern 65,000-square-foot facility are capable of applying a wide range of custom coatings to parts of virtually all shapes and sizes. Parts up to four feet wide by nine feet high by up to 200 feet long can be powder coated. We can also accommodate parts that weigh up to 18 tons.

Can you repair powder coating?

However, field repairs can be made if the object being repaired is not able to be moved. Please contact your Lane representative to discuss your options!

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