Why Choose Lane?

Lane has been applying powder coatings at our east coast powder coating facility for over 20 years. Coating is all we do and is our only focus.

Our employees are experienced in all types of coating application. Our high volume capability allows us to deliver products as required and meet short processing time requirements.

We are approved applicators for over 20 state highway departments as well as many other agencies.

State-of-the-Art Powder Coating Facility

Our 65,000-square-foot facility in Carlisle, PA includes two coating lines that can accommodate parts of virtually any shape or size. We’re capable of applying corrosion-resistant coatings to parts up to four feet wide, nine feet high and 200 feet long, as well as parts weighing as much as 40 tons. We can complete your corrosion prevention powder coating job quickly — our usual lead time is normally one week or less.

A Wide Range of Corrosion-Resistant Powder Coating Types

We offer a wide selection of corrosion prevention coatings including:

  • Epoxy Powders
  • Polyester Powders
  • Hybrid Powders
  • Zinc-rich Powder Coating Primer
  • Organic, Liquid Zinc-rich Primer

This allows us to perform numerous powder coating applications, including guide and bridge rails, rebar, light poles, gates and more. Coatings are available in many different colors to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the parts.

Quality Assurance Is Our Top Priority

When you choose Lane Coatings, you get a company that is committed to providing a high quality corrosion prevention coating process. We perform individual quality control testing and statistical process controls for every production run, ensuring our customers experience a level of quality that meets and even exceeds their expectations. As an employee-owned company, all our employees take great pride in their work and strive to do whatever it takes to ensure the total satisfaction of every customer.

Environmentally Friendly Corrosion-Resistant Coating Process

With all the concern about protecting the environment these days, it is good to know that our corrosion-resistant coating process is a more eco-friendly metal finishing alternative to liquid paint. In addition to being durable, our powder coatings emit virtually no solvents, and no hazardous waste is produced as a by-product. The overspray can be recycled, making it possible to make use of virtually all of the coating.

Learn More About What Lane Coatings Can Do for You

To learn more about our capabilities and how they can benefit your operation, contact us to request additional information today.